Gary and his wife Linda started square dance lessons in 1978 with the River City Squares called by Pat Castro. One night, during a tip, he was singing along and he guesses he sang too loud. Pat asked him later if he'd like to try to call sometime. That sparked a flame inside him! So, he took the record 'El Paso' home, practiced it and performed it the next week. He confesses, " was horrible! I never thought I could be so nervous....and so bad!" Nevertheless, the challenge and fire-in-the-gut was there, so he decided to try this stuff out. In 1981 he loaded up the kids and wife and attended a callers school in Pensacola, FL. The next year it was a callers school at Hot Springs, AR. The next year it was Estes Park, CO and the 4th year he attended a callers school in Dillard, GA. By then, he halfway knew what he was doing, and was on his way.

In 40 years of calling, it's helped them put their son Scott and daughter Leslie through college, wore out 3 vans on the road (working on the 4th van), made countless square dance friends and have had tons of fun!

"I thank all of you thousands of square dancers who have supported me through the years as we've had lots of dancing fun together. The most enjoyment I've had with you is having the between-tips/sideline conversations in getting to know what you do, what you like and learning the important things and issues in your lives. I've called to dancers in all 'stations' of life and everyone of you have something unique and special about you! Thanks for sharing yourselves with me. Every life is a story!"

In 2021 Gary Bible joined Chet as our 2nd club caller. We are so fortunate to have these two friends come together at our club!

Gary will typically call at our club the second and fourth Tuesdays each month until square dance lessons begin, typically in the fall.  For more club information, further browse our website,

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